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Star #41 -


Clue #7

This star is found by lamps that light...

While one sits with gems & jewels bright.
A star... is a star... is a star... on stage...
While another star can be found by a cage.



Clue #6


One star flew over the cuckoo cuckoo clock...
Another spied ships near the viewing dock.
While searching for gifts and hunting for clues...
Look for locations with antiques and shoes.




Clue #5


This star is hiding where you may sleep.

When you find it it’s yours to keep.

All knowledge you learn improves your mind…

After mastering Italian feel free to dine.








Clue #4


This star's location is with someone you really trust...
Others are placed with sculpture that rusts.
There are spots where you deposit your money...
& a locale that involves something that is not a bunny.



Clue #3

Forty-eight stars are still hidden to be named...

In one instance, the graceful beauty could be framed.

Look at art supplies, gifts & glitz wrapped in papers...

One star can be found near pens of gentle tapers.





Look for your star in a place that is sweet

This star is dry & next to a tasty treat

Whether close to something with nuts, baked or white 

Please pause & indulge in a quick bite



Clue #1

To find your Holiday Gallery Star

You do not have to travel far.

The First Clue given concerns a park

Try to get there before dark



We are open & have some great holiday ideas for you & your family!!!

Check us out Tuesday through Saturday 11:00am-6:00pm

This Friday, December 19th we have our last Reception.  Please join us. 



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